More Trees for 2022

Following on from a successful plant last year of several hundred trees, the directors at MY Compliance Management have personally planted another tree for each customer.

These trees will continue to form a dense hedge that will provide food and nesting space for songbirds and many other creatures.

While we humans get most of our carbon from food, trees breathe it in (just like we breathe in oxygen). But when a tree breathes, it inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen — the exact opposite of humans. And as a tree matures, it can consume 22lbs of carbon dioxide per year (among other greenhouse gases like ozone) and release enough oxygen for you to breathe for 2 years!

We plan to continue planting a tree each year for new and existing customers, which over the next 25 years at least will sequester thousands of tonnes of CO2. As well as creating new habitats for our native wildlife and helping to reduce our impact on global warming.

If you would like to donate extra trees, would like more information or would like some ideas of how your company can do more give us a call.