External Users has been designed from the ground up to help you manage your External Contractors, Colleagues, Agency Staff and more as well as your colleagues who don't need a log in to the system but need to be able to do the basics including raising an Incident, NCR or viewing a Policy or Procedure, viewing and managing asset or even take a Training Passport to their site.

External Users is a package offered in addition to MY Compliance Management as we understand not everyone will need this feature. 

We have clients using this package as below: 

'The External User package allows us to log faults, service requests against our equipment for the Asset module, I can use the QR code or I can send my colleague a link to download to fill a NCR in against my Asset. I'm able to send the alerts directly to my help desk which means quicker response times'.

'The Incident reporting for us has been the main reason for External Users. This allows me to give access to my Colleagues, Contractors and visitors and will allow me to place a QR code on the area to better report. I can also place a link on my intranet meaning anyone with access to raise a Concern on the system'



You can view and download the full brochure here: Access the External Access Brochure here