The value of training through MY Compliance Management

Over the last 18 months MY Compliance Management has been providing our customers access to the full suite of iHASCO e-learning courses.

This partnership with iHASCO’s market leading training really enhances our standard training manager module. This enables you to create custom roles and assign relevant or mandatory training to these roles, including iHASCO’s e-learning courses. Once a role (or multiple roles) has been assigned to a trainee our software will work out any gaps in their training records.

Our customers who have taken advantage of the iHASCO integration already, can provide access to all of the iHASCO courses (120+) for their entire workforce should the need arise, and with all of them able to build very specific training plans for their employees based on their companies legal requirements and staff CPD needs.

“Since launching the iHASCO integration, I have supported multiple clients as they save precious time in managing their training as well as a swift uptake in upskilling their staff in a user-friendly way that is available anywhere at any time.” Kane West – Customer Support Manager

The integration will remove any manual management of your training records as when training is completed through iHASCO’s LMS it automatically updates your MY Compliance Management Training records with certificates, and expiry dates. Our customers no longer have to track spreadsheets or transfer documents from one system to another saving time and valuable resources.

“I have managed to increase the training in both quality and quantity we provide to our employees as well as reducing our training budget with the great value user-based cost of the iHASCO training through MY Compliance Management.” Liz – QHSE Manager.

Contact your dedicated Customer Support Manager now on 01726 216996 to discuss your training requirements and the money you can save today.